About me

I’m a problem solver,

Some documents are fixed by grinding away all the rough edges, carefully reworking each sentence to give it life and direction. Other work needs a flash of inspiration to make the words engaging and the ideas compelling.

a generalist,

I admire those who narrow their interests and energy, but I’m just not like that. I’m curious about everything—how it works, who it affects, and why it’s important. Being a generalist by nature lets me synthesize ideas and understand your readers’ needs and perspectives.

and a visual thinker.

Before I realized I should be fixing the words, I was a graphic designer and art director. That means I collaborate well with visual communicators to package words and pictures into powerful messages. And it gives me an edge when proofreading—I’m trained to spot design and formatting inconsistencies.

For a detailed resumé, visit my LinkedIn profile.

That’s enough about me. Let’s get started on your project.