About me

About me

I believe writing should be clear, accurate, and engaging.

I’m a problem solver,

Some copy is fixed by grind­ing, slowly rework­ing each sen­tence to give it life and direc­tion. Other sto­ries need a flash of inspi­ra­tion to lift a flat con­cept or heal a pack­age that’s falling apart.

a generalist,

I admire those who nar­row their inter­ests and energy, but I’m just not like that. I’m curi­ous about every­thing—how it works, who it affects, and why it’s impor­tant. Being a gen­er­al­ist lets me syn­the­size ideas and under­stand read­ers’ needs and per­spec­tives.

a visual thinker,

Before I real­ized I should be fix­ing the words, I was a graphic designer and art direc­tor. That means I col­lab­o­rate well with visual com­mu­ni­ca­tors to pack­age words and pic­tures into pow­er­ful mes­sages.

a technopragmatist,

I won’t adopt tech­nol­ogy just for the sake of it, but I will muck about fear­lessly with soft­ware if it can make my work bet­ter. I’ve mud­dled through CSS and WordPress to cre­ate blogs and web­sites, built a few FileMaker data­bases, and imple­mented an Augmented Reality pro­gram for Cottage Life Magazine using Blippar tech­nol­ogy (it’s like Pokémon GO for print).

and a lawn bowler.

A soft sum­mer evening, the clack of col­lid­ing bowls, and a per­fect shot that wins the end—there’s lit­tle more sat­is­fy­ing. I love the pre­ci­sion, the strat­egy, the play­ers, and the quirky cul­ture of the green.

It’s not all about me. Let’s get started on your next project