What you’ll be learning…

Section 1. Understanding MIG Welding

What is welding?
Why you should learn welding
A welder’s project portfolio
How MIG welding works

Section 2. Choosing and Using a MIG Welder

Top 3 MIG welder buying tips
Buying recommendations for welders, helmets, gloves and metal fabrication tools

Section 3. Welding Techniques & Troubleshooting

Basic MIG welder techniques
How to improve the quality of your welds
Tips for practicing welding

Section 4. Cutting & Drilling Metal

How to cut and fit metal parts
How to drill metal

Section 5. Forging Steel

How to shape steel in a forge

Section 6. 5 Welding Projects You Can Build

  1. Heavy-duty bike rack
  2. Outboard motor cart
  3. Picnic table
  4. Wood stove
  5. Barbecue grill stand