Bosch “Respect the Ingredients” campaign

Bosch Canada had a clear and enlight­ened vision for the print adver­to­r­ial por­tion of a larger, multi-​platform cam­paign fea­tur­ing promi­nent chefs. Bosch wanted sin­gle pages that didn’t overtly pro­mote their own prod­ucts but pro­moted cook­ing as a worth­while, thought­ful, and eth­i­cal activ­ity. These pages would sit next to and com­ple­ment an exist­ing Bosch prod­uct ad.

I sug­gested an interview-​style piece as the most effi­cient way to present the chefs’ ideas directly in a lim­ited space. I inter­viewed each chef and edited down the tran­scripts. Interviews require a del­i­cate touch with the red pen: spo­ken lan­guage needs some edit­ing to trans­late into read­able words on a page, but too much fix­ing replaces the speaker’s voice with the editor’s. I also wanted to give read­ers a take­away, a cook­ing idea they could use, thereby asso­ci­at­ing Bosch with inno­v­a­tive solu­tions. There was no room for recipes, but when Alida Solomon described a sim­ple dandelion-​strawberry salad, I had what I needed. That lit­tle nugget is just enough to inspire read­ers.

Bosch Home Appliances Canada
Summer 2016

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Designer: Mike Zikovitz