Cottage Life Grill Guides

Cottage Life aims to own grilling as a recipe cat­e­gory. So when other mag­a­zines began pub­lish­ing grilling-​themed issues, the mag­a­zine responded with its own. The usual approach at other pub­li­ca­tions was a mix of recipes—appetizers, mains, maybe a dessert. To posi­tion Cottage Life as the grilling expert, I pro­posed a more focussed approach on a sin­gle food type each year, begin­ning in 2006—first steak, then burg­ers, chicken, ribs, fish and seafood, kebabs, and smoked food. I also assigned these fea­tures to put far more empha­sis on grilling tech­nique than is com­mon in other Canadian mag­a­zines.

The focussed approach turned the issues into keep­sakes; bring­ing in tech­nique with the recipes allowed rich and com­plex pack­ag­ing. Two of these fea­ture packages—chicken and smoked food—were rec­og­nized with Gold National Magazine Awards in the How To cat­e­gory; fish and seafood received an Honourable Mention.

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Gold National Magazine Award Winner 2013 

Gold National Magazine Award Winner 2008 

Gold International Regional Magazine Award Winner 2010

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Writers: Jane Rodmell and David Zimmer
Photographer: Edward Pond
Designer: Vicki Hornsby
Food Stylist: Ruth Gangbar