Summer Grilling

Cottage Life Summer Grilling is the magazine’s first SIP (spe­cial inter­est pub­li­ca­tion). It’s a col­lec­tion of the magazine’s best grilling recipes from more than 20 years’ worth of issues.

I assem­bled and orga­nized the recipes, updated them to the cur­rent copy style, and rewrote their head­notes. In some cases, I updated the cook­ing meth­ods to cur­rent prac­tice (in the ’80s, we mar­i­nated foods far longer than we should). I pack­aged the recipes with grilling tech­nique con­tent, some repur­posed and some writ­ten for this project.

Cottage Life
Summer 2013

Editorial development

Food editing

Project management

thumb_01_60_60SCOTT BULLOCK
Circulation and cover expert,

The cover is indeed mouth-​wateringly deli­cious.”

Sales are now final, and it was a huge suc­cess.  The issue sold 26% more copies than the aver­age sale on the reg­u­lar 6 issues, which in itself is impres­sive.  But because of the price point, rev­enues were up 153% com­pared to a reg­u­lar issue.”

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