Advertorial for Honda Ridgeline featuring Brojects

Writing adver­to­r­ial copy is often a bal­ance of meet­ing client needs and reader inter­ests. This print piece was one prong of a mul­ti­me­dia cam­paign pro­mot­ing the relaunched Honda Ridgeline to cot­tagers. The cam­paign fea­tured the Buckles broth­ers, known to Cottage Life read­ers as hosts of the TV show Brojects. I used the sto­ry­line of the accom­pa­ny­ing online video cam­paign (the broth­ers go camp­ing), while bring­ing out truck fea­tures of inter­est to cot­tagers and giv­ing read­ers a fun take­away (instruc­tions for a sim­ple game project).

Cottage Life
Fall 2016

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Designer: Lionel Bebbington