Cottage Life
Fall 2014

Feature editing

I worked with

Writer: Gabrielle Bauer
Art Director: Kim Zagar
Photographer: Ruth Kaplan

Refugee retreat feature

Sanctuary North is an orga­ni­za­tion that hosts short cot­tage retreats for refugees to Canada. The trip offers them an intro­duc­tion to a very Canadian expe­ri­ence and respite from the anx­i­ety of wait­ing for immi­gra­tion hear­ings and deci­sions. For this story, Gabrielle Bauer joined a group of women, most of whom were flee­ing domes­tic vio­lence. I encour­aged Gabrielle to explore the seri­ous, dark sto­ries these women might be will­ing tell.

Cottage Life is a good news mag­a­zine with con­tent that’s mostly pos­i­tive and happy. It’s what read­ers want. As an edi­tor, I believe meet­ing reader expec­ta­tions is not enough. From time to time, you should sur­prise and chal­lenge read­ers with some­thing that isn’t the usual. Readers are intel­li­gent and thought­ful; the occa­sional story that is dif­fi­cult or sad grounds any mag­a­zine and gives it heft.

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